CHS Executive Consulting


CHS Executive Consulting, as a high-level consultancy committed to environmental sustainability and the present and future projection of its clients, considers environmental protection and the satisfaction of environmental needs and expectations as a priority in its business strategy. 

These values, on which our company is based, are developed in the following principles:

CHS Executive Consulting, after analyzing the internal and external context of the company, establishes annually ambitious and manageable objectives regarding the improvement of the quality of its services and also the environmental improvement of the activity, which includes those significant business risks and implements the necessary procedures to ensure their achievement.

Leadership and commitment to the human team that make up our company, promoting teamwork and horizontal participation of people at all levels of the organization, creating an environment in which people can develop their professional potential in balance with their personal lives. The continuous improvement becomes one of our fundamental bases to take care of the environment and , at the same time, to enable a business maturity that has as objective the maximum satisfaction of the client and the own team.

Comply with current legislation as well as other requirements signed with interested parties. Adopt measures that reduce the impact of those environmental aspects that are significant for our activity, preventing pollution, minimizing waste and betting on energy efficiency. CHS Executive Consulting is committed to the equality and diversity of our human capital. We value talent and we firmly believe that it does not respond to a criterion associated with the identity of people but to values that fit with those we defend in our company and lead our line of action.

CHS Executive Consulting 

Pasaje Alfonso Reyes, nº 3, 29002 Málaga

Tel: 951 084 114

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